Withdraw Guidelines of BITPAX coin.

We are very much excited to inform you guys that our community is now in more than 100 countries.

Over 160,000 people have already registered in BITPAX.CO and still its unstoppable.

BITPAX COIN withdraw process has started, just follow steps explained below

Here i’m going to explain you guys, How to withdraw BITPAX coin.

When you sign up in bitpax, You get Bitpax coins. You can see bitpax coins in your dashboard.

BITPAX coin is TRC20 coin developed on Tron Blockchain. You can store Bitpax coin in any wallet which supports TRC20 assets. Wallets like TRON LINK PRO, KLEVER are advisable.

Download TronLink Pro wallet from your App store or Play store.

Click on create wallet, Store 12 phrases or seeds securely. Write down in a diary. These phrases are most important in future if you forget fund password. with the help of phrases you can recover your wallet. Remember if you lose 12 phrases then you’ll lose your fund.

After saving phrases, click on continue button and give a name to wallet. For example: biptax1

Now wallet is ready, click on receive and copy your receive address.

How to withdraw BITPAX coins?

NOTE: BITPAX COIN distribution will start after 5th March 2021. Currently wallet address submission process is open. So don’t forget to submit it.

Login to bitpax.co website, And go to my profile section in dashboard.

In my profile section, there is TRON WALLET ADDRESS box. Here in the picture it’s written ENTER TRC20 (TRON) SUPPORTIVE WALLET ADDRESS. This is written by us just to guide you people.

Enter the receive address of TronLink pro wallet. I already explained above how to get receive address.

Now click on UPDATE PROFILE button. Your BITPAX COIN receive address is submitted and you’ll be able to receive coins.

Please do not forget to submit your wallet address to get BITPAX coins.

Let’s rock with BITPAX worldwide.

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