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I know you all are having a great time in BITPAX. We are growing like a rocket speed. But would you like to know what makes bitpax business model more unique and beneficial? Let me explain you here.

In any business, marketing plan is the most important part. There are plenty of ways to spread business around the world, like advertisement, word of mouth publicity, banner ads, poster ads etc.

But the best model is Help each other to earn more n more. This is called “BINARY MODEL”

Let’s understand how binary model works in BITPAX. And how you can earn millions out of it.


Image shows Binary business model.

When you register your self in binary model, you’ll have two legs. Left leg and right leg. You can place only 2 people in the first 2 places. One in left and another one in right. If any other person comes, then he/she will be placed in left or right leg under the 1st or 2nd person, depending upon which referral link was used to register.

Suppose Right leg referral link is used then placement will be done in right leg. Same is true if Left leg referral link used.

In the pic you can referral links for right and left leg.


When you have people in both right and left legs, You start earning commission. Binary bonus is also called matching bonus here.

Suppose some one registers with USD100 in left and USD100 in right, then matching amount here would be USD100. And you will earn 10% commission of USD100, that is USD10. It is called 1:1 ratio.

Now let’s understand the image given above. There is 35,000 points (1 point= USD 1) in left leg and 25,000 points in right leg, then matching will be 25000 points (whichever is lower in both legs will be considered for commission).

Now commission will be calculated according to 25,000 points, so 10% of 25,000 points will be 2,500 points, that is USD 2,500. Remaining 10,000 points will be carry forwarded for next calculation.

** When you sponsor one person in left and one person in right it will complete your eligibility to start earning. This first pair commission is not distributed as it is considered for binary eligibility completion. Commission income will be considered from 2nd pair when you refer one more in right leg and one more in left leg.

You can check your binary eligibility status in dashboard.

** After completion of your eligibility those two referrals will be shown in green coloured highlighted box in your partner section. Like it is shown in the image above.

Suppose more 10,000 points is accumulated via new people’s registration, then carry forwarded 10,000 points will be calculated for matching. So commission will be 1,000 points, that is USD1,000 according.

So more n more business in left and right, more n more you can earn. This income can be in thousands or millions. Just one time hard work to build the network can give you lifetime network income. It is like team work, you work for people and people work for you.

Be a leader and build your network around the world.

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