Welcome to the world’s fastest growing community. What a historical moment for bitpax community.

Over 450,000 registrations done so far and still going on.

Bipax is a binary business model where you have left and right leg. You might have team of people under you.

Here you can earn huge commission from binary matching bonus. It can be $100, $1,000, $10,000 or $100,000. But you need to activate your ID by choosing any of the product package to complete eligibility for getting daily profit and other commission payouts.

Minimum investment is $100 and maximum is $100,000.


Step 1: Deposit fund in your bitcoin wallet ( Blockchain wallet)

Step2: Open https:bitpax.co

Step3: In dashboard there is an option of

Step4: Click on product packages button which will open a new window showing all packages.

Packages starts from $100.

Popular package is : $500

Different packages have different benefits which you can see here.

Higher pack is $100,000 with many benefits. Bigger the package, bigger would be the profit.

Step5: Choose the package you would like to start with and click on buy button.

Step5: Now it will redirect you to the payment gateway. Currently #BITCOIN is the only option to make payment, later on more payment options like #ETHEREUM and #TRON will be available

Step5: Copy address and paste in your blockchain wallet to send funds. or scan QR code from your blockchain wallet and send funds directly to the bitpax deposit address. Payment request option will be valid for 30 mins only. You need to complete the payment within this time.

Once payment is done, your ID will be activated and now you’re eligible to get payouts.

*Similarly you can pay by ETHEREUM and TRON


Activation of ID is must and very important. Let’s understand here.

Suppose you have sponsored 1000 people in left leg and 1000 people in right leg. Now 100 people activated their IDs with $100 in left leg and 100 people with $100 in right leg then your left and right leg total business will be $10,000 in left and $10,000 in right. And your 10% commission would be $1000.

But this commission you can earn only if you complete your eligibility by activating your ID with minimum $100 package. This rule is applicable to all people under you. So everyone has to activate their ID.

So you must activate your ID.

Bitpax gives a biggest chance to make millions, You are just one decision away.

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