Welcome to bitpax.

Over 644,000 people are registered with bitpax around the world.

We are so much excited to announce that bitpax is now accepting TRON cryptocurrency as a payment to purchase bitpax packages.

Integration of Tron payment gateway has open a door for the people who wish to pay in tron and earn in tron.

Users can buy or upgrade their packages by using Tron.

Transactions speed, low network fee and easy to use are some key points behind integration of Tron payment gateway.

First sign up in bitpax and login to your account.

In dash board, click on package purchase and choose a package you wish to start with.

As you choose package, it will show PAY WITH TRON button like it is show in the image above.

Now click on pay with tron.

As per shown in the image above, click on green button mentioning CLICK HERE TO PAY TRX.

Make sure to synchronise TRON LINK PRO wallet in your chrome browser.

Now, login to your tron link pro wallet and keep logged in, so that while you click on PAY TRX button, it will open your tron link pro wallet automatically.

Click on ACCEPT button and your payment is done.

Remember to keep enough balance in your tron link pro wallet and keep 2–5 trons extra in wallet to pay network fee.

This feature will open the gate for a big community of tron.

Let’s rock world wide with bitpax.

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