I hope you guys are having a great time. Few days to launch and i’m sure you all are ready with your fully loaded wallet.

Our bitpax development team is always working towards something new to provide some new and easy to use features to our users.

Now you can calculate how much you can earn from bitpax by entering required figures in the INCOME CALCULATOR.

Let’s check it out here

Here in income calculator,

Conversion in weaker-leg paid is kept: 5%

No of direct referrals in weaker-leg paid: 10 , which means 10 direct referrals sponsored in weaker leg.

Weaker leg is a leg which has less no of sponsors than other leg. Suppose there are 1000 people in right leg and 500 people in left leg then left leg will be considered as a weaker leg.

Weaker-leg team total paid: This is a calculation of total sponsors multiply with conversion ratio of weaker-leg paid. Here according to pic given above,

Weaker-leg team total paid: 5% x 246,383 =12,319.

Direct referral is 6% so it is USD 600 ( 10 direct referral x USD 1,000= USD 10,000)

Binary bonus is 10%: which is a matching bonus of left and right leg.

You can put any figure to calculate your income.

Hope you guys find this information useful.

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