Welcome aboard!

First of all, we want to thank you for joining the

Bitpax.Co Affiliate Launch.

With Every FREE referral you get 5 FREE BPAX Coins At The Rate Of $10 Per Coin and with purchase of Bitpax.Co Package ,

You also get additional BPAX Coins at the rate of 0.10 per BPAX Coin

plus daily profits of 1 to 1.9 % a day….

From 1,000 Free BPAX Coins To Over 1.9 Million FREE

Coins Depending On Which Package You Buy

And The Coins Are Priced At 0.10 Cents per Coin…..

Imagine If We Only Do 10x , Your Investment Apart

From Making 40–60 % A Month Also Multiples By


If We Do 100x — It Multiplies By 100x..

Simple Maths

Example : You Buy $10,000 Package Which Gets You FREE

160,000 BPAX Coins

This $10,000 Package First Of All Makes You Upto 2.5 % A Day

In profits Monday To Friday so Around 50 % A Month

Now Lets Say BPAX Coin Does 10x In 90 Days After Launch,

That 160k Coins Turn Into $160k

So In A Period of 90 Days Your $10k Became $310k

( 150 % Profits From Arbitrage Trading And $160k From Coin Increase )

Which Is A Return Of 3,000+ %

Tough To Beat That :-)

Now Imagine if we do 100x in 9–12 months …

That Same $10k Investment , just became Close To $2 Million +

Which Is A Return Of 30,000+ %

Needless to say BPAX Biz Can Be The Most Profitable

Investment and business of your life

Focus on it — Get Busy Building Your teams big and lets create

history together….

You Can Make Upto $100k/Day In Bitpax.Co Biz

In Binary Income Also And No Upper Limit On Referral

Income !

Your Binary Daily Income Limit Is = Your Package Price

Since Our Highest Package Is $100k So Your Daily Binary

Limit Is $100k

Team Bitpax

so you can have

full understanding of the business

For any questions ,

Join our social media for regular updates







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